Monopod vs Tripod

Silhouette of the photographer with tripod. Young man taking photo with his camera in the night city. Prague, Czech Republic.

Silhouette of the photographer with tripod. Young man taking photo with his camera in the night city. Prague, Czech Republic.

This is a question that any Photographer has to go through each time to gear up because of the different advantages each of these has. Let’s start with the advantages for the Tripod:

  • Using a Tripod can make the camera more stable and give us cleaner and sharper pictures.
  • It can help with the burden of waiting for hours for a specific shot and be prepared for it.

These two advantages are important when you know you going to be static in a location for a long time but the big disadvantage is that tripods tend to be heavy and bulky so if you need to move around or being outdoors a monopod could be a better option. These are the advantages of it:

  • It has only one leg so it is light.
  • It requires less space to set up.

The only big disadvantage with it is that by having only one leg is more unstable than the tripod that has three legs. There is a technique that can help you out to be more stable on a monopod and it is as follows:

First… To get a stable platform we require three legs. Like a tripod. The monopod itself is ONE leg, then we use our own two legs, spread apart at a bit more than shoulder width work as the additional two legs of the tripod.

Second… Place the monopod in front of you in such a way that when you tilt it back and bring the camera’s viewfinder to your eye, the monopod creates a 45 degree angle to the front. You’ll have to increase the monopod’s leg by quite a lot to get the 45 degree lean and yet have it wind up at eye level.

There’s is the tripod, your two legs spread to the side and the monopods’ leg extended to the front…

Third… Your camera needs to be affixed to a swivel head. Tilt the camera forward so that when you tilt the monopod back at a 45 degree angle to your eye, the lens is level even though the monopod is leaning at 45 degrees backwards.

Fourth… Then when you are shootingComputer Technology Articles, be sure to get into a stable stance and press the camera’s viewfinder tightly against your face. You now have a – virtual – tripod that’s at least as secure as most – real – tripods. With the additional bonus of being easy to carry around!

This technique will make you better on a monopod but the question remains, which one should I choose? Monopod vs Tripod. There is no a correct answer, it will depend on what you want to shoot and where. Choosing the right tool for the job is something you will have to learn over time. So get one of each and experiment, you will find which one works for you in which situation.

Hope this helps, if so leave us a comment or share it around! Everything helps!

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