Facts About Effective SEO For Your Business

When a search is made on a search engine website, for example, Google, a list of the result is rolled out, both organic and paid. These results are links to website or blogs that Google thinks is relevant to the search. The list is in order of relevance, i.e. the first result is assumed to be more relevant than the second etc. Any action to improve the ranking of a website or blog in a search result is termed Search Engine Optimization.

Mostly, Google ranks web pages on the basis of what is called authority. Authority of a page is determined by how many other web pages link back to them. The rationale is simple; if a web page contains very valuable information it means it would be shared a lot; on other blogs, Facebook, twitter etc. Over time, Google’s crawler picks on these links, and when a search is made it ranks pages with more authority higher than those with lesser.

Having understood the term search engine optimization, you may be wondering how important it is to your mobile app development company or any other business at all. Below are eight importance of very effective Tampa SEO for your business.

1. Increases web traffic:

This is the most obvious reason behind search engine optimization. Every website owner that publishes content wants to be noticed, there is no one who is publishing content just for the fun of it. They are all hoping for a huge number of people to view what they have offered. Search engine optimization helps to get this much-needed traffic. With an increased traffic, there is a greater likelihood for sale or engagement.

2. Increase sales and revenue:

Effective search engine optimization does not just bring any kind of traffic to your website, it brings targeted or quality traffic. Take, for instance, you are window pane manufacturer, but Google brings you thousands of people looking to buy Windows phone. This is still traffic, but it is useless to you. Targeted or quality traffic refers to a traffic of people who are really looking for what you are offering. The conversion rate of such traffic is higher compared to random traffic because these people really need what you are offering. For random traffic, you will have to hope for impulsive purchases.

3. Improves brand awareness:

Better ranking helps to improve the awareness of a company’s brand. Naturally, people would be more inclined to click the first few links of a search than they would the tenth result or the results on the second or third page. If a web link is available on the second or third result of Google search then it can as well go out of business. The higher the rank of a brand’s link, the greater the awareness.

4. Your competitors are just behind you:

Any product or service that you are offering, you can rest assured that one or two, or even more businesses, are offering something similar, if not exactly the same thing. What makes it even more dramatic is that each day, new businesses are born with a greater hunger for success, and they are hoping to push you out of the way. Your competitors are aware of SEO and are employing search engine optimization experts to help them rank higher in a search result. So then, what are you doing?

Even if you rank highest in your business niche at the moment, don’t make the mistake of resting on your oars. Someone somewhere is looking to topple you from that lofty position. Without an effective campaign, you will watch as your web traffic dwindles and as you fall lower in search ranking.

5. Improves credibility:

Effective search engine optimization improves ranking in the search result. An improve ranking contributes to a website or business credibility. Appearing as one of the highly ranked results passes a message to users that you are a top player in the game, reliable and can be trusted. While appearing on the second or third page of the search creates the assumption that you are probably a new business, or that the information you are offering is not so credible or you have a low budget hence you can’t afford to be placed where the big boys are.

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