Buying Kratom? Learn how to use Powdered Kratom

Kratom powder is added to a liquid or mixed with certain foods. Kratom has a bitter taste due to its alkaloid content. Masking the taste with apple juice or any other fruit juice makes it easier for users to imbibe it.

Make kratom tea by adding the required amount of powder to a pot of water. Boil it gently for 15 minutes. Strain this liquid and drink it up while it’s still hot. The tea has a strong, bitter taste that turns off many users. You can add milk, honey, or sugar to kratom tea to mask the taste. Add the strained kratom liquid to black tea and drink it up. You can save time by making a large of kratom tea and refrigerating it. This will hold well for up to a week. The tea may spoil if it is stored beyond a week. You can try and add alcohol to kratom tea in case you need to store for a longer period of time.

Make the kratom tea using powder rather than crushed leaves or stems. You get stronger extractions and save time on the process. Use other methods for easy ingestion of kratom and mask the bitter taste. Add the powder to chocolate milk- regular and soy – blend it well to make a kratom shake. Drink it before the kratom powder settles down at the bottom.

You can add the powder to a cup of applesauce – stored chilled or at room temperature. Add cinnamon and a sweetener like sugar and honey to it. Stir well till the kratom powder mixes into the sauce. Drink it soon else the applesauce may taste bitter. Mix the powder with honey and use this mixture on bread slices or have it in sandwiches. Use pieces of bread made of rye and wheat.

Kratom powder is also sold in capsule form. This is a good way of ingesting kratom for users and helps avoid the gagging effect of using kratom powder directly. You can either buy capsules containing the powder from online dealers or buy capsule shells and add the powder later. If you plan to fill the capsules on your own, invest in an encapsulating machine that has a manual operation and is inexpensive. Gelatin capsules or Vegi caps can be purchased in bulk from stores like Most of the capsules selling stores also stock capsule making machines. For non-commercial purposes, opt for a cheaper machine to make kratom capsules.

You can swallow the kratom powder and wash it off with water or fruit juice. A quick imbibing method, but you may end up inhaling the kratom powder if it’s not done right. You can also smoke kratom powder. Although smoking requires the same dosage as ingesting, you need to smoke more powder to experience the same level of effect, with the added unpleasant taste. Get kratom delivery near me and enjoy its benefits.

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